new owner

  1. Rosco

    Tank parameters 1.

    Good morning, I’ve worked towards getting ready for about a year. (Mostly getting another tank to move my fish to.) This is my 75 gallon tank (plus sump). This tank has been running for about three years. It is well-established. Our new octopus will be living in this tank. I Purchased a 300...
  2. metrokat

    New to Cephs: Just got a Mercatoris

    Hi folks. My little guy is sitting in a fish trap in my main tank with hiding places and he had a crab for a midnight snack on his first night home. I am setting up a tank for him but he will stay in the fish trap until then. I click on the Mercatoris tag on this forum and only found 4 threads...
  3. S

    New to octopus tanks

    Hello so I am interested in starting an octopus tank. I wanted to know what size I should get I am thinking about getting an O. Vulgaris. Also what I might need and where to get an octopus. I am open to looking into other octopus but just need help with finding one and all I need. Any advice for...
  4. Charlo

    How much is enough filtration?

    Hi there, I am in the very beginning stages of my octopus adventure (I do not plan on owning one for another couple of years). As I am researching, I wonder which is the best way to filter an octopus tank. I plan on having a ton of live rock, a sump, a protein skimmer, and a Granular Activated...
  5. D

    Hoping to be a octopus owner soon!

    Hi there, I'm Dane. I recently acquired a 180 gallon tank (6'x2'x2') and I am hoping to use it as a octopus tank. I've wanted one for years and I think I'm ready to take on the challenge. I am working on cycling and establishing the tank currently and while that is happening I am researching...