1. S

    Hoping to talk to someone about keeping an octopus.

    Just got My first salt water tank and I’m hoping to find an experienced person to help me octopus proof it and also ensure the health of my further octopus. It’s an older tank and there are what looks like plenty of spaces for it to escape so I’m hoping for some insight on how exactly to go...
  2. B

    Hello Everyone!

    This website has helped me so much in my octopus journey, so I made an account! I currently have a Caribbean dwarf octopus named Buddy who’s either O. mercatoris or O. Joubini I hear they get mixed up a lot. Also have a question for the community while I’m hear! Buddy used to be somewhat active...
  3. SquidySpecs

    Question about the origin of Nautilus tentacles

    I'm hoping someone who knows a lot about the evolution of the Nautilus will help me with this question. So as far as I'm aware, the ancestral number for all cephalopod limbs is ten and nautiloids had gained more (up to ninety). The thing I'm wondering is how and why, mainly the how part. Did the...
  4. V

    [Octopus]: An Unexpected Visitor

    I was planning not to make an account here for around another year, but it seems like a certain hitchhiker had other plans. I got a new live rock for my 10 gallon reef aquarium today, and when I was placing the rock in, I saw something brown and squishy with arms with suckers, and it grabbed my...
  5. J

    Tank Setup Help

    Hello, I have just gotten into the aquarium hobby and am planning on getting a ~50 gallon tank for a bimac octopus. However, there's just so much information and different products, and I'm not sure what to get for the tank, especially in terms of filtration. I would appreciate any help that any...
  6. Lindsay

    What am I doing wrong?!

    4 years ago I had researched the care and keeping of Octopuses (specifically the bimac) and prepped a 54 gallon corner tank. After months of waiting for a bimac, I realized I wouldn't be able to get one and settled for the only available non-dwarf species, the exotic wonderpus. I thought it...
  7. S

    New to octopus tanks

    Hello so I am interested in starting an octopus tank. I wanted to know what size I should get I am thinking about getting an O. Vulgaris. Also what I might need and where to get an octopus. I am open to looking into other octopus but just need help with finding one and all I need. Any advice for...
  8. OctopusChan


    This wound,I have nothing to do with it. I fed some tetracycline but it seems doesn't work. I have kept this common octopus for over 2 months. Now I keep changing some water daily. Do you know how this wound start and why? what can I do more to save my octopus? Appreciate first.
  9. R

    Starting my journey.. Hopefully. Help?

    So, I'm very new to saltwater aquariums, and I could use a few pointers, considering I'd eventually like to own an octopus once my tank is suitable for my own ceph. The biggest problem is actually finding a reliable source. I recently purchased a 75 gallon tank, and I just want to make sure I...
  10. T

    Hello I'm thinking about getting a Cuttlefish

    Hi my name is Trinkuh i'm a stay at home mom from Ohio. I've own many different odd pets over the year..including my pet turkey who thinks he is a dog...a lap dog XD...i've had a few take over the years but never salt water due to never being able to pick what i would want more lol. I've always...
  11. John Reichard

    Can you help me id my new octopus please!!!

    Can you help me id my new octopus please!!! today I have received my new octopus from Octopus - Pacific He is pretty small and adorable. Here are some pics. I don't think he a bimac because he dose not have any rings.
  12. YoureSquiddingMe

    [Octopus]: Rocktopus - first octo, seeking advice

    Hi Tonmo We are two college students who have been lurking on this community for some time as we made preparation to get ourselves an octopus. We followed all the suggestions and have set up a good quality 90 gallon. A month and a half ago we purchased the octo from saltwaterfish, and have...
  13. Elazar Sontag


    Hi All, I am new to this forum and I highly appreciate any help. I'm completely ignorant to the different kinds of octopi. Recently I was in Korea and at the live seafood markets (yikes) and there were thousands of live octopus. The ones I am interested in identifying and learning more about...