Ceph Furniture...

Ceph Furniture... Box

At Clockwork Couture they have this wonderful box...

Check it out here.


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Ceph Furniture ...Halloween?

News from the weird...

OK, so this particular group as www.MissMonster.com makes some oddities. Actyually, I have listed a scarh she made unbeknownst to me that was on Etsy.com, that I could not find since, but she has it.

Anyhoo..., they make a mask found here. Enjoy.


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Ceph Furniture... Bathroom

OK, hop on over to www.geekyclean.com for some soapy fun...

Re-looking at that first line reminds me that I am a married man and could be taken the wrong way. I really meant that in the rated G category.

Anyway, here are said soaps... I WANT THEM!


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Ceph Furniture... Computer Wallpaper

A little something from HBO's animated Conan: Game of Thrones

the House of GREYJOY...

I have this as my wallpaper right now.


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Look in my photos if you like. There you will find my newest ceph creation in bronze. "CHEPHALOPOD" Edition of #20 This will be offered with a glass table top as well. For use as a coffee table. $15,000.00 Kirk McGuire Sculpture
Ceph Furniture... Clothes

What am I wearing right now?

These cufflinks. Got them from ebay for $1 and about $4 shipping. They have several sets on there now just check all the prices first. You may have some with free shipping.

I like them. I was afraid they might be poorly made, but they are solid and have a little heft to them.


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Ceph Furniture... House

OK, not quite a house that you could live in,

But at least an image from a movie. That is of course the Octopus House from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This image does not show it, but there is a single window in the 'mantle'. There is one for sale on ebay now.


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Ceph Furniture... Wall Art

Be prepared, people... for the WOW! factor...

Find this here.

Looks like it is done in a commercial space. I could not be happier with it. I love things of this size and grandeur that rock you out of a comfort zone and straight into a little bit of awe.


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