Ceph Furniture...

Ceph Furniture ... Lighting

OK, I have no idea where I got this pic. It's recent so I'll try to add a link.



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Ceph Furniture ...Lighting

A previous post that has made numerous brightly colored octo-chandeliers has now added yon candelabra.



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Ceph Furniture ...Gates

I love over the top things like this because it 1) shakes us out of normal modes, 2) shows us what CAN be done, and 3) let's us live a little more like a super villain eccentric billionaire, what have you... It's made by Paul Gilbert and can be found here.

This is way out of my budget, but I do have a welder for a friend...



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We have salt and pepper shakers

White octo key holder
White Octopus Wall Hook. Jewelry Holder. Cast Iron Key Hooks. - Etsy UK

Tentacle decal in the bathroom

And he gave me a tentacle wrap earring for my birthday 2 years ago

We also have a silicone tentacle, but that came from Bad-Dragon... and I don't quite know this site's particulars on THAT sort of stuff. We manage an adult shop together in NYC... so... it is normal for us :smile:

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