1. DHF8

    A Contemporary Ceph-TV Seed List

    Part I: On Three Second Series’ Octopuses, and Two First Season Squids After introducing myself to the TONMO ceph-head community in November 2020, The Seeker was quick off the mark in throwing out a ceph-based movie recommendation. This was invariably because in my own introduction to the site...
  2. agrearson

    Ceph art!

    I've always loved marine creatures and art, so here's my combination of the two :) Octopus bimaculoides Octopus chierchiae Metasepia pfefferi Sepioloidea lineolata
  3. octobot

    [Culture & Entertainment] Artists impression of planned Victor Hugo bench revealed

    From ITV: ... been made from the timbers of the wrecked Durande and the backrest will be made from the tentacles of the octopus. Victor Hugo will have a copy of ... Continue reading...
  4. art.wmv


    TONMOCON 1 art display
  5. Skot Olsen Art (review)

    Skot Olsen Art (review)

    Visit Skot Olsen's site here 1: Captain Obed Architeuthis In 1998, artist Skot Olsen painted "Captain Obed Architeuthis," and introduced a figure into his work that has now become a recurrent, nearly obsessional motif. Captain Obed bobs in a row-boat, his head pinched between a rising sea...
  6. tonmo

    Look what "D" did!

    Nice work @DWhatley!
  7. tonmo

    Today's Google Doodle

    TONMOers should make a point of enjoying today's Google Doodle at Google.
  8. Bronze octopus coffee table forsale

    Bronze octopus coffee table forsale

    'Cephalopod' Please contact for availability and pricing Bronze octopus coffee table dimensions: 17 1/2" H x 36" round glass. Approximately 90 lbs. without glass. Ships worldwide from San...
  9. In the works

    In the works

    Little bit closer look at one of several new octopus bronzes I am currently creating in the studio.
  10. NEW bronze octopus sculptures!

    NEW bronze octopus sculptures!

    One of several new octopus sculptures I am currently designing... Ask about pricing
  11. NEW bronze octopus in the works!

    NEW bronze octopus in the works!

    One of several new octopus bronzes I am currently creating. This one has been ridesharing with me to the studio!
  12. Your Webmaster

    Your Webmaster

    Illustrated by TONMO member ekocak.
  13. Allonautilus

    Plans for ammonite diversity illustration

    Hi all, I have plans to make a large illustration showcasing the diversity of ammonoids, possibly along with other shelled cephalopods. Something reminiscent to those 'prehistoric animals' lineup posters common for science classrooms, as seen here...
  14. Bronze octopus coffee table

    Bronze octopus coffee table

    'Cephalopod' bronze coffee table $17,500.00 USD Ships worldwide from San Francisco. Limited edition bronze of 20 - Year released - 2011 Bronze octopus coffee table dimensions: 17 1/2" H x 36" round glass.
  15. Bronze giant squid sculpture

    Bronze giant squid sculpture

    'Legend' $16,500.00 USD Ships from San Francisco worldwide. Limited edition bronze of 20 - Year released - 2012 Bronze giant squid sculpture dimensions: 42" H X 28" W X 25" D
  16. gjbarord

    Recycled Art For Nautiluses!

    Check out this awesome piece of art made from recycled magazines and a lot of patience I would think. Another cool part of her work is that she has donated portions of her sales of certain pieces to specific organizations. Check her work out!
  17. DWhatley

    Cephalopod Footwear

    I am not a big fan of Cafe Press but if you can wear flip flops, they have some pretty cool cephy offerings: cephalopod footwear
  18. Close up of 'Cephalopod'

    Close up of 'Cephalopod'

    Close up of octopus detail in head See more by clicking my banner ad on the home page here on Tonmo! Cheers! Kirk
  19. DWhatley

    Eight Arms of Inspiration - Octopus Art Project

    Project is looking for more contributions before going to print:
  20. CaptFish

    Octopus Coloring Book Images

    Coloring book pictures of octopuses