1. DWhatley

    Cephalopod Footwear

    I am not a big fan of Cafe Press but if you can wear flip flops, they have some pretty cool cephy offerings: cephalopod footwear
  2. Close up of 'Cephalopod'

    Close up of 'Cephalopod'

    Close up of octopus detail in head See more by clicking my banner ad on the home page here on Tonmo! Cheers! Kirk
  3. DWhatley

    Eight Arms of Inspiration - Octopus Art Project

    Project is looking for more contributions before going to print:
  4. CaptFish

    Octopus Coloring Book Images

    Coloring book pictures of octopuses
  5. DWhatley

    Cephs In Comics and Other Humor

    In addition to an oft shown giant squid in the comic Lio, Go Comics has this series featuring the ocean and this entry came my way today
  6. nanoteuthis

    Ceph Stuff on Etsy

    Ceph Stuff on eBay has been going strong for over two years, and remains one of the most active threads on this Forum. In the meantime, another major market for ceph-related merchandise has emerged -- Etsy, the online mega-store for handmade and vintage items offered by amateur and professional...
  7. DWhatley

    Ceph stuff on eBay

    Since I am an avid eBay shopper :sagrin: I thought I would start a place to put links of some of the more interesting Ceph stuff that can be found there: (note the winning bidder :razz:)
  8. monty

    stuffed squid art happening in Seattle

    Pharyngula, in PZ's usual ceph-obsessed style, points out that the Cephalopod Appreciation Society (do we know these people?) in Seattle has sponsored an exhibit of Archibald Dux and friends who show their mantles around here on occasion. The opening fandango is on the 7th, and apparently the...
  9. Phil

    Sordes's amazing nautiloid models!

    TONMO member Sordes has made some excellent clay models of nautiloids. Can't wait to see them painted! Picture 1: Picture 2: Well I think they are brilliant! Well done Sordes!
  10. Donnerboy

    Ceph Furniture...

    I maintain a thread here in Culture & Entertainment called "Ceph Items & Jewelry Collection"; however, it has grown quite diverse. I will continue to maintain it, though I wanted to branch off and start this one being solely furniture and furniture add-ons. Bare with me as I start with items...
  11. W

    ceph glass

    hiyas My girlfriend and I are new to this forum. We're off to whyalla for a week on saturday to scuba with the cuttlefish that come in and mate offshore there. we're doing about 4 dives a day, yay! We both have an affinity for all things ocean and this was what brought us together in the first...
  12. tonmo

    2005 Ceph Gifts!!!

    Ho! Ho! Ho! It's going to be a Merry Christmas! My wife surprised me with a gift to FRAME two pieces of art sent to me by members in years past. In fact, one is Dr. Steve O'Shea's inking octopus, and another is from long-missing member lithographette (veronica). They are not...
  13. Donnerboy

    Ceph items and jewelry collection...

    Hello, I am a TonMo Supporter, but new to the forums. I started chatting with a number of people in the introduction section about where to list all the octopus furniture, jewelry, and art that I have been collecting and finding sources for. I love these pieces as they remind me and others...
  14. Clem

    Octopus & Propaganda

    Cephalopods are major figures in one of man's least noble popular enterprises: propaganda. Despite their generally shy, retiring habits, octopus have long been used to connote villainy and dark intent. As such, they have also long been staples of propaganda illustrations. Their "alien" plan...