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Sep 4, 2006
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Project is looking for more contributions before going to print:


As a writer, editor, and longtime cephalopod admirer (so much so that I wear eight permanently inked, suction-cup-covered arms wrapped tightly around my neck) it was inevitable that my love for collective art, octopi, and book projects would eventually collide.

While being lucky enough to work alongside talented artists on a daily basis, I started envisioning what a handsome arrangement could be cultivated if we focused on the intelligent, ocean-dwelling species with three hearts, no bones, and blue blood, known as the octopus.

After throwing the idea around with my colleagues, it soon became apparent that this beautiful creature was a true source of artistic inspiration for many, and it seemed that everyone I spoke to about the project wanted to be a part. An added incentive for getting involved is that 10% of the profits from book sales will go towards arts education and keeping creativity alive in schools, through an incredible charitable organization called donorschoose.org that connects donors to classrooms in need.

And so here we are...welcome to Eight Arms of Inspiration. I'm so happy that you are here and I hope that you will join this creative troupe and come along for this imaginative ride.

The guidelines are simple:

1) Draw, paint, tattoo, sketch, photograph, sculpt, sew, build, carve, write a poem about, crochet, design a piece of jewelry, bead, woodwork, knit, etc., a piece of artwork that focuses on the octopus. *May include previously completed pieces.

2) Take a clear photo of your artwork and email a high-resolution photo to:
[email protected]
*Discs can also be sent via snail mail to the address provided below

3) Print out & sign this release form and either email a photo or PDF file of the signed, scanned copy OR mail it via snail mail to:

Out of Step Books
℅ Jinxi Caddel
PO Box 2652
Riverside, CA 92516

4) Submission deadline is April 27, 2012.

Please note that not all images will be use, and the inclusion of submitted work depends on the number of submissions and the space available in the book. While I wish we could present each artist with a book when it is produced, it's unfortunately not a viable option, so please be aware of this before you submit. However, books will be available at a slight discount for any contributor whose work is published. Credit will be given to each artist alongside their work inside the book.

Add your submission today and be a part of this collaborative artistic effort that seeks to honor the octo, and keep arts education and imagination alive and thriving.

Viva la creativity!
Email and ASK silly (and report back).

I found out about this buying a watercolor image that I want to use for wallpaper border :biggrin2: Oh, how I love the internet!
Hi Aaron,

Thank you so much for writing and for your interest in the Eight Arms Project!
Oh YES, that would be fantastic if you submitted photos of more than one piece. Send as many as you like, as long as they have octopus inspiration. =)

Well this looks promising! very quick response, and very friendly.
If anyone has any other questions, don't hesistate to email them in!
Here are my submissions

I am not particularly good with digital enhancements but wanted to at least participate. Tank's shot came out arty, possibly not well enough reworked but still arty and I had fun playing with it.

... and no Tatanka never lost two arms, one is an artifact of editing out the background,the other just did not show in the photo :oops:

I ended up submitting two more photos. Monty was such a great little octopus and I had a couple of decent shots so it would be nice to extend his memory with a photo in print.



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Nice photos, D. We should get a lot of Tonmo submissions.
I will enter a painted octopus box and some silver jewelry, no photos yet.

More photos wanted for Eight Arms of Inspiration project

Jinxi wrote that she has very few octopus photos so I am bumping the thread trying to get more participation :biggrin2:
Jinxi wants photos of ANYTHING octopus that is your own work, including just octopus photos or creatively modified photos (like my attempt of black and white background on Tank but those who are more creative with editors are free to do anything they find interesting, including nothing :biggrin2:). Pictures of artwork are also solicited (Nancy, please consider sending your water great color and a picture of your metal octos!). The topic is octopus (not cephs so not cuttles, squid or nauts - though she may include these cousins as I have not asked her directly). There is no limit to the original media.

As an aside, she has very few photos of octopuses (like only mine I think) so this is wide open for anyone who would like to see one of their favorites in print. I do wish Roy and Thales would submit something so I could have more or their work :biggrin2:
Here's my little cartoon. Well, not so much a cartoon, as an illustrated picture. It's the epic battle between the elites! Who is the ultimate victor? Octopirate? Ninjapus? or Cowceph?

Thoughts? Opinions? Favorites?


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