Eight Arms of Inspiration - Octopus Art Project

I do see the resemblance now but it was the ceph in a desert (vs a cat in the water) that hit me first . It may have been subliminal because I had just looked at that thread :biggrin2:
Well, I think I will submit a bit of poetry. And there is some artwork as well, though this cover for my book was actually created by Marites Catungal, one of the beta readers for it:

At some point within the story is a funeral service. In this future society of octans, the intelligent descendants of current octopuses, they do not "sing" but they do have a fine appreciation of ritual. The dead are wrapped in kelp, buoyed and weighted by a funeral crafter to be exactly neutral in the water, and set to drift in the current at the edge of their community. This was intoned during the service:
We gather so somber
As loved ones depart
The Sea has a secret to keep
A long journey’s end
Is a new journey’s start
And home will be found in the deep

The cycles that nourished
Our tribes and our kin
And friends that sustain us through life
Are here at the end
When the quiet of skin
Proclaims the surcease of all strife

The colors that mourn
And the leaves that adorn
The wrapping with love and great care
Are comfort too small for us,
Here and forlorn
But form one last bond we can share

The Sea gives us life,
And protects us from sky
She spreads out her glorious repast
And comes to us all
When the ending is nigh
The Sea brings us home at last
It is not obviously octopus-related, though an image of the scene would be.

Nevertheless, I will do something that is rather more octopus-specific.


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I submitted my Tremoctopus profile from the old "Unknown Phylum" thread. Here's hoping. Thanks for the heads-up on this project, D. It looks really cool.




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Just an update on the project!

Jinxi (once again) has thank us for all the excellent submissions. If you are wondering when you will get to see your submission in book form, she is predicting to have it published and on sale on Amazon by early October! fingers and tentacles crossed that everything will go smoothly with the publishing process!
Now, at least, we all have an idea of what to get the special ceph lover in our lives for Christmas! :lol:
For those of you who are wondering: Checked in with Jinxi regarding the book. She sends her apologies for the delay. Design and layout took longer than she expected. BUT!!! The book has been sent to the printers. She hopes that it will be available for purchase in late January. Maybe it's a good time to give someone a belated Christmas gift? :smile:
I just saw a preorder for this on a Facebook post referring to the other offering. I am going to have to get this of course but it is priceyer than I had hoped so it may have to wait on some present money (wishing for Amazon availability as I do have some there :biggrin2:).

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