Sordes's amazing nautiloid models!


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Nov 19, 2002
TONMO member Sordes has made some excellent clay models of nautiloids. Can't wait to see them painted!

Picture 1:

Several models of nautiloids I made some days ago. The inspiring examples for them were Endoceras, Orthoceras and Cyrtoceras. Stupidly the small details are very hard to see because the sculpting mass is very bright and reflects too much light when it's photographed.

Picture 2:

"Front view of the Nautiloid models"

Well I think they are brilliant! Well done Sordes!


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Thank you very much!
They look still a bit boring in this unpainted version, perhaps I´ll make casts of them and that´s better when they´re still unpainted. I have plans to make some other models with mini-dioramas (similar to those of the Endoceras-model from Jeff Johnson) when I have more time.
By the way, they are like the Mesonychoteuthis and Dosidicus-model made of Fimo, a Sculpey-like modelling mass.
Here are some excellent photos of two views of a model complete with lovely bases with sponges.

Top stuff Markus, these are going to look amazing painted.


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Thank you for posting the pictures Phil!

In fact the base with the corals and sponges was much more work than the nautiloid itself. If I find the time I´ll make bases for the other nautiloids too, and very probably other nautiloid models.
Sordes, your work is beautiful. You're reminding me that I need to get back to work on my own projects.
Here are some photos of my new Nautiloid model. It has a length of about 25cm. Total working time was about 6hours+. The photos doesn´t show it, but it has even a very complex radula in its jaws.


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Here are several pictures from the sculpting-progress. At first I took a piece of wire and added some tin foil. Than I sculpted the shell and added surface-details before I hardened it. Then I scuplted the radula, baked it and aded the jaws to bake it again. The now hard jaw was attached to the head.


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The next step was the sculpting of the tentacles, which was much work because I had to add all the surface details at the inside and the outside. After that I attached the tentacles, sculpted the eyes, the siphon and at last the surface details of the rest of the head before it came in the oven. The last step was the sculpting of the cap on the head, which can be seen on the first pictures I uploaded.


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