Sordes's amazing nautiloid models!

This is now really the first model (with open tentacles) with which I am happy, so I will make casts of it. If I would paint the original, the small details of the skin, which are not good to see at this photos, would mainly disappear. But great to see that you like my model!
Sordes, you are a genius. Your models just get better and better, and they were brilliant to start with! I adore the new nautiloid.
Your models are wonderful!

I've worked with Sculpy and it's not so easy to make small shapes like you're doing - such as the tentacles - and have them hold their form.

Keep posting as you make these, please!

I made just another non-ceph model, a Dorudon, and at the moment I am at the moment working on a Basilosaurus too. I will post some photos if the are finished.

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