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  1. Sordes

    My C´thulhu sculptures and idols

    During the years I´ve sculpted a lot of cephalopod-stuff like some living squids, prehistoric nautiloids and belemenites, as well as many other living or extinct animals. But occasionally I´ve also sculpted models which are more fantasy-related. As a big fan of Lovecraft, I also sculpted some...
  2. Phil

    Sordes's amazing nautiloid models!

    TONMO member Sordes has made some excellent clay models of nautiloids. Can't wait to see them painted! Picture 1: Picture 2: Well I think they are brilliant! Well done Sordes!
  3. Phil


    Toys for the young and not so young......Here are a few examples of fossil cephalopod toys collected over the last couple of years. These are a very rare breed, unlike rubber Triceratops! Here are two ammonites and a belemnite produced by a company called Bullyland in Germany. They are part...