1. Nautiloids: The First Cephalopods

    Nautiloids: The First Cephalopods

    Introduction Imagine yourself standing on a bleak windswept Ordovician shore. It is 470 million years ago and you are standing on a rocky coastline staring out to sea. As you turn and pan the landscape behind you, all you can see are barren rocks, with no trees, plants or any form of animal...
  2. Hajar

    Eocene Cephalopod Hunt

    So I went out this morning to look for some Eocene cephalopods. There were corals, echinoids, gastropods, bivalves and finally a large weathered nautilid. Pretty little geckos looked on.
  3. Hajar

    Devonian Spiny Nautiloid

    Here's an interesting thing; a 7 cm Early Devonian nautiloid from Eifel, Germany with a number of partially preserved large tubercles. It looks quite similar to Hercoceras though the height/width ratio of the whorls seems higher than in that genus. I like the painting by Jan Sovák. Does...
  4. Phil

    Sordes's amazing nautiloid models!

    TONMO member Sordes has made some excellent clay models of nautiloids. Can't wait to see them painted! Picture 1: Picture 2: Well I think they are brilliant! Well done Sordes!