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Apr 7, 2004
I maintain a thread here in Culture & Entertainment called "Ceph Items & Jewelry Collection"; however, it has grown quite diverse. I will continue to maintain it, though I wanted to branch off and start this one being solely furniture and furniture add-ons.

Bare with me as I start with items previously listed.

These three are all tables (none of which I own, out of my price range), but should still be appreciated by all ceph lovers. They are beautiful and tragic, and evocative of cephs and all ocean life all at once.


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Ceph Furniture...Knobs

I love knobs.

They can make any basic piece into a ceph lovers fantasy. (personally I have a real distates for cutesy ceph stuff like octos with big eyes and a wide grin, but like the more monstrous looks. These are no exception.

The first can be found at www.knobdeco.com. It's available in pewter or brass finish. I think the pewter speaks better for this one. This is more of a "pull", but knob versions are available.

The second is from an ebay source who's screenname was castofcharacters. Again technically this is a brass pull, but I love it.

Finally, the third. This is a simple brass octo knob I found on ebay from bigblue dive. However, I have since found a source online for this Roland St. John design (he does lots of sea life), and they are working me up prices to be able to buy these in sets as opposed to ebaying them one-at-a-time.


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Ceph Furniture...Footstool? Reply if you want one!!!

I am simply adding the one picture for this.

This was called the "Aquapod" and was available from www.DesignToscano.com. However it has since been discontinued.

As I was telling lea869, I was once looking for another ceph piece that had been discontinued, emailed them, and they said they would be happy to make me one. That is called CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I think they may be willing to do so again. They are about $39.99 + shipping if my memory is correct, and Design Toscano would probably be more apt to making several than just one. If anyone is interested. Please post reply saying that you want one too. We will try to strike up a deal with them and maybe they'll bring it back for us.


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Ceph Furniture...Cup Holders

These three pieces all come from www.cozumelglassart.com.

I like the different styles, but have as yet decided which is my favorite.


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Ceph Furniture...Finials

These are finials, or the little pice that screws the lamp shade down onto your lamp.

They are both from www.artifaqt.com so make sure to check them out.


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Ceph Furniture...for the Desk Top

These are three odd little things.

The first and second are two pen holders for execs. They were discontinued, but can be order for about $75 each.

The third is a shy little card holder and one of my favorites, but I cannot remember where I found him and am trying to so I can order one. However, I think he is from Hochstetler Arts as that is what the well placed card says.


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Ceph Furniture...Lamps, lights

This post simply shows some of the ceph lights, lamps, and glasswork out there.

The first and second are from www.cozumelglassart.com. I prefer the amber loook of the second one, myself.

The third is an ikea lamp I got off ebay and can be fairly regularly seen on its lists. It generally goes for about $19-29.


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Ceph Furniture... Boxes

These are three little guys I found around the web.

The first is specifically a jewelry box that I found on ebay. He can typically still be found there, sometimes in red, sometimes in blue for about $36.00. I bought one for a girlfriend for Christmas and she almost passed out. Go to www.ebay.com and simply enter "octopus jewelry" and generally one of these will come up. It's very solid and well worth it.

The others I have seen about and sometimes on ebay as well. Just simple, little, ceramic octos.


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Ceph Furniture...Boxes 2

Ans some more...

The first one is a little, covered, silver bowl from http://www.argenteriadabbene.com/English/boxes2.html.

The second is a 20,000 Leagues ceph grappling with everyone's favorite sub. It opens up and is a box inside.

The third is a another jewery box. I do not like it as much as the one from the previous post due to the eyes, but I do like the rolling tentacles.


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Ceph Furniture...Door

This is a beautifully monstrous piece that is so horrific, it must be wonderful.

It was orginally made for a sushi bar as the door handle, but it really lets one know what can be done. Below is the quote from teh previous thread...

"Stephen Fitzgerald called me yesterday and we had a long chat. What a great and down to earth guy.

He said that the octopus door handle piece had been sold ($1,200), but that he can always make more as he lives off his comission work. Each one will be slightly different and unique, but can adhere to that overall shape and pattern.

He sent me a larger pic that I was able to install as a thumbnail that you can click on for a larger view.

I simply love this piece. It is so monstrously ugly that it is wonderful and emotive, beautiful and tragic all at the same time. Apparently he made it for a sushi bar and I am starting to think it is a place I would like to go to."

A couple of people that are fabricators think they could do this same thing for a few hundred bucks.


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Ceph Furniture...Doors

This is an octopus Door Knocker.

Not my favorite, like the door handle is, but it has some character.


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Ceph Furniture...Bathroom

I saw these and was happy.

They are simply a towel holder, a soapdish, and a toilet paper holder.


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