Ceph Furniture...

Ceph Furniture... Candle Stick

OK, be prepared for Lovecraftian dreams after eating in front of this candlestick...

I found here on etsy.

A mere trifle at $75...


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Ceph Furniture... Jewelry

Stand in awe of what you are about to receive...

I found this on Pinterest, tracked down the website, but as yet do not have the creator. It is a work in silver that someone saw at a jewelry show in London. I am in awe.


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This is absolutely stunning! I'm still regretting a purchase I missed on Ebay some years ago. It was an ammonite fossil, and the jeweler sculpted a little nautilus-type animal, with a jewel for an eye. I've seen the idea many times, but it was the only time I've ever seen it rendered so beautifully! Should anyone ever hear of another artist doing that, I hope they'll post here! Thanks for these boards, Donnerboy! I think they're my favorite part of the many weekly threads I subscribe to here :smile:
Ceph Furniture ...Fabric

Love the site www.spoonflower.com.

Go there and search for octopus, and squid.

This first one is very funny. My buddy walked in from down the hall and he said I should make some sleep pants out of these. The other two I like as they are not just slapping octos on something, but actually trying to make a decent fabric. They even embedded the style in the name so someone with more taste in aesthetics than I could appreciate them. Namely, one is a rococo and one is a damask in terms of styles...



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I am pretty sure I have posted this, but here is the octopus bath tub faucet cover in action...

Lillian (Lillie) Virginia Black is the model showing off the tub.


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