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yay new octo!

Feb 2, 2008
i went to my lfs today and i saw they had a tiny little octo! i decided i would take it home since i no longer have my other octo. it's mantle is only about an inch long and it's tentacles are about 7-8 inches. it has a lot of webbing on his arms. they said it came from bali. it inked shortly after i put it in my tank because i accidentally scared it while watching it. the lfs said it was always out during the day in there tanks and it stays out in my tank also. any idea what octo it is? thanks! and sorry no pics yet! i tried to get a pic but he didn't like my camera and crawled out of the container and onto my laptop! i couldn't get him off the laptop either! lol i guess he wanted to tell everyone about his new home!

Dec 15, 2007
If you let him be and keep offering food in a few days he will get used to you and his surroundings. Just give it time, then you can get some photos and hopefully an ID.