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First inking


Jan 10, 2023
tampa, fl
Well, my new, juvenile, bimac was about to pounce on a fiddler crab when it decided it was too big to swallow ( it does have a good sized claw) and inked and jetted away before contact. The ink sort of jelled and sank to the bottom and disappeared over a few days. I think it was the claw that scared the bimac but they encounter clawed crabs in the wild all the time. Should I declaw the fiddlers until my bimac reaches maturity? Also, should I do any particular maintenance after an inking? TY, Mark
Sorry you had to deal with inking -- here's a few good threads on this topic... there are MANY more (you can try a search for "inked" or "inking" -- especially an Advanced Search in our Cephalopod Care forums)... If you can scoop up the ink with a fine mesh net, that would be good!

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