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First inking from octopus

Nov 14, 2020
I caught my octo out tonight and when he saw me he jetted off and let out a really small thin thing of ink. It seemed to dissipate instantly. I have a protein skimmer in the system for this tank (30 gallon). He is a really tiny guy. I put a pic for reference..Should I worry about it and change the water or will a very small amount be ok until my next change in a few days?
It should be ok! It’s always a bit unsettling the first time you see it, but as you said, it was thin and dissipated right away. It probably wouldn’t hurt to do your water change today, though- if you can!
I did see him the day after this post so I dont think the ink affected him at all. However, I have not seen him come out the past couple of nights. I have been off of work the past week and have had the lights on where his tank is a lot later so I'm thinking (hoping) he changed up his schedule because I changed up mine. I guess its a hard thing to tell everything is alright when he hides a lot.....
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