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My next octopus adventure.


Jan 22, 2024
Fort Lauderdale
Hello all,

I am in the process of setting up a new tank for an octopus. I have had a couple of octopuses before and I loved them. They lived for quite a while and I think I did serve them well. I am setting up a 54 gallon corner bowfront tank for my new ceph adventure. I currently have an Aquatop CF500-UV canister filter for the tank, which has a flow rate of 525 GPH. I also have a couple of powerheads that are providing lots of flow. Since the shape of the tank is weird I only have original glass tops with an acrylic panel in the corner section where I drilled some holes for the intake and output hoses. I am a little concerned about the gas exchange in the tank because the most I can do is drill a bunch of holes in the acrylic section and I am not sure if this will be enough. I also am planning on getting a sump with protein skimmer and refugium in the future but I can't afford the $1000 that will cost me yet. I know this will help me with the gas exchange in my tank but I am wondering if the setup I have currently will be ok for my new critter. I also live in Florida and the coldest I can get my tank to is 78.8 degrees. I am concerned this might be a little too warm for the octo. I am planning on getting a chiller in a month or two so that I can bring the temp down a little. I don't want to get this until I have a sump to connect it to though. I guess what I am really wondering is if this current setup is sufficient for the octo or if I need to wait for other filtration first?
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