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New Octopus Abdopus aculeatus


Aug 19, 2022
Making my first post on TONMO, asking for tips and any input. Ive kept several octopus , they did great (atlantic pygme octo). i set a 40 gallon for this species of octopus which can get up to 12 inches 16 including mantle. no traces of amounia or nitrite salinity kept at 1.025. first octo i bought of this species was a small 3 inch octo who was refusing every food i had to offer. it eventally starved i used frozen like mysis brine shrimp clams and shrimp frozen. like foods like hermit werent touched eather. i was finally sent another octopus who came preneate and found a rock and laid eggs within 3 days. eggs hatched 2 days ago but was micro octos tried feeding zooplankton and copeopdes but no luck. the mom is still alive not moving from den. young octopus abdopus will be arrving soon. Questions: what size or type of food should i feed a 3 inch octo and its this species nocturnal or active during the day i have been seeing mixed information about that. thank you guys !

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