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My bimac egg hatching timeline

they still seem to be doing well, captured 2 in one frame, one clearly?! visible (dead center of this photo) the other hiding in the shadows so there must be a number still in there. Live Mysis seem to be the ticket, about to pull the trigger on a third batch. Nothing else I have tried lives long enough to be eaten, glass shrimp or guppies slowly acclimatized to salt still die within 24 hours and even live adult brine don't like the temperature
Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 5.13.00 PM.png
they are clearly getting bigger about 1/2-3/4" mantel length. I only see one occasionally but disperse small pieces of frozen thawed shrimp daily and let them get it themselves. No idea how many are in there still, kind of like if you see a mouse in your house you can assume there are more there, BTW my wife saw one mouse in our rural house the other day so I set up 40 snap traps, got 20 the first night 12 the second
glad things are going well in the tank -- but oh no! about the mice! 🪤🐁 -- good luck with eradication but sounds like you're going at a good clip 😄
Here is a decent video of one of the octopi in the tank, as long as I only see one at a time I can't assume there are more than one, but I am hopeful and I down to 1 or 2 mice a night at home now


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