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New here! Question on clams and my bimac!

Just wanted to do a little Bubblegum update since I got a great video of her inspecting her tank after I cleaned it this morning. She always needs to check on every nook and cranny to make sure I haven't disturbed her very particular setup. She has gotten HUGE. At least 2x the size of when I got her. She likes to rearrange everything in her tank and make a total mess whenever possible. She also likes to hoard clamshells after she eats them. I have taken to dropping a few in at a time and letting the clams dig themselves into the sand. She really seems to like digging them up at her leisure, but I still supplement with shrimp, live crabs, and live crayfish. Anyway... enjoy this video!
Hi - it's been a while, but it looks like this was a tiktok video embed, @cerealmomster, and now it's gone :sad: - any chance you can upload here?

Also, how was the rest of Bubblegum's journey? :octopus:

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