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Which protein skimmer do you have, and do you recommend it?

We bought a cheap protein skimmer for $150 from PetCo and bought some supplies at HomeDepot and rigged it up so that it performes better than the other brand names out there. We simply got tubing, etc and took the whole protein skimmer apart. Basically, we gutted the poor thing. There is better water flow and it picks up more gunk out of the water. I think the octopus is very happy with our creation. Someday I will provide a picture of our monster.
I have two Red Sea Berlin skimmers on a 280 gallon recirculating system (housing between 4 and 12 Nautilus pompilius). One is excellent, the other one sucks. The good one occasionally gets blocked with salt buildup at the base of the air-intake tube, but otherwise skims brilliantly. The bad one has been cleaned, rebuilt, resealed, everything, and still barely maintains a vortex. But its probably better than nothing.
i'm looking for a skimmer that will either hang on my tank or sit on a shelf under the tank like my fluval 404 canister filter. i have a plexi-glass top that i made custom out of a big sheet. i have an intake and outtake on my canister filter which made cutting out for the pipes easy on my top. all the skimmers i see within my range (100$-) have a outflow like a hang on cartridge filter which would make it hard to make my top "octo proof". do they make skimmers that push water into a tube that i can have lead to my tank? http://www.aquatraders.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=109 i am looking at this one because of the way i could cut around the intake/outtake... anyone own or know of this model?
I use the coral life superskimmer it is a great H.O.B Skimmer here is 3 days worth of skim hope this helps :smile:


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thats one of them i was looking at..i found it for a good price on ebay but i do not have a sump and my top is sealed shut....does this have an outtake tube that i can cut around in my plexiglass or is it like a ledge with the flow of water just falling out of the skimmer?
It falls right out of the skimmer from a tube you can always use duct tape to seal the tank thats how mine is sealed.
I have one of those sitting in a box, with a tube outflow...let me know if you are interested in it, it has never been used at all (purchased back in my aquarium days).
lookin at this skimmer for my 3o gal tall cube tank for future cuttle...

CPR Bak-Pak 2R+ Reef Ready Protein Skimmer

good choice?

if so... should i go with just a power filter or canister?
Been doing a lot of reading and comparisons between protein skimmers, it seems like everyone has mixed reviews. I have narrowed it down to three choices, what should I get? Jebo Protein skimmer, Berlin Turbo Protein Skimmers, Euroreef skimmer.

I have a 75 gallon.
Well, I think you'll have to hear from someone who owns one of these skimmers - unfortunately I don't. It's a holiday weekend, so probably many people won't log on again until next week.

Look back through this thread and also the Tank Owners' Database (see sticky at the top of this forum).
You can also use the search function to search on each of your possibilities.

Done alot more searching and talked to alot of local hardcore reefers, there opinion they really like to ocotpus brand. Its cheap for what your getting and it does an awesome job I actually got to see one in person and they run great. Thought I would throw that in for everyone.
Just bought the Seaclone 100 and the Seaclone 150. $50 shipped for both. =)

I know that they aren't the best skimmers...but I really can't beat that price for ANY skimmer. I'm going to put the bigger one on my 20 gallon. Hopefully it will house an octo or two in the near future :wink:
Octopus branded skimmers are just like Euro Reefs. For what I was told from a very knowledgeable reefer here in SA, that Euro Reef actually stole the ideas from Octopus, and they just had the financial backing to develop and manufacture them faster and at greater quantities than Octo did. I have seen them run side by side and there is not much difference.

I picked up a EuroReef RS135 for 150 dollars from a guy here in SA. Best deal that I have gotten yet!
Ive got a Coral Life Super Skimmer, 125 gallon

At the pet store my sister and I work at we had it for sale. was around 190 i think but my sister gave me a wrong discount and the price was excellent. Might have been the putting it together at midnight but the instructions didn't too well done If I remember correctly. The part to clip onto the tank for the water intake pump didn't work out though. I have to have it jerry-rigged with string to keep it at a angle so that the skimmer will work properly. All in all if I had to get one again I most likely wouldn't pick it up.
I run an in-sump Euro-reef skimmer (rs-80 I think), on a 200gal tank with a catshark and it really has been a great workhorse for me. I'm very pleased with it.