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Which protein skimmer do you have, and do you recommend it?


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all,

Here's the question:
"Which protein skimmer do you have, and do you recommend it?"

Any comments about your skimmer would be appreciated. Also indicate whether it's hang on or is in your sump.

I notice that A. Calfo, who has a new book out on Reef Invertebrates, recommends the Aqua C Remora as a hang on protein skimmer. I've read others recommending this one, too.

So, what do have to say about your skimmers?

I have a Visi-Jet skimmer. It is an "inside the tank" skimmer. It came in quite a few pieces, and it was very difficult to put together. Once I got it working it skims fine.
I have a Pro Clear 150. Its an in-sump skimmer, comes with the pump, and is about 24" tall. Has a drain hose on the collection cup so you can put a milk jug next to it to catch excess. You can raise or lower the water output pipe to adjust the level inside the skimmer. It cost about $150.

I recommend it, however I haven't used any other skimmer. My one complaint is the venturi has a chinsy little plastic valve at the end that is difficult to use precisely.

Since I bought all of these tools for the shop, I have to validate them by building almost all of my stuff here...my wife would kill me if I bought a skimmer !
I have 2 Seaclones. I know they have a bad rap at times, and may need some manual adjustments, but mine seem to skim just fine and the company is excellent at replacing problem parts. Mine hang on the back of the tanks.

I have an Aqua-C Remora. I purchased it last week based on a recommendation by Anthony Calfo. It is pretty much plug and play. I purchased the one with the Maxi-Jet 1200. It is very quiet and pulls a lot of stuff out of the water. I would recommend getting the skimmer box with it if you get one. The drain for the collection cup would be a nice extra if you want to spend a bit more. It seems like a good skimmer, and I have heard lots of people say it is the best HOB skimmer out there.

:twocents: -Dave
I have two skimmers...

First is an AquaMedic 1000 multi. and the other is an AquaMedic 5000 baby. Although its called 'the baby' dont let that fool you as its 4 foot tall and hold about 5 gals of water.

Both of these are great. The 5000 is currently running 4 tanks with a total volume of 200 odd gals. The 1000 is currenly skimming the attic (well, it'll be used again soon)

The trick to these skimmers is to clean the neck and inner cup weekly to get the best skimmate.
I have seven Remoras running in my lab and generally they do a good job with few problems. My only complaint is the o-ring used to adjust the collection box. I have never had one last more than three or four months. They always crack and break. You would think for that amount of money they could come up with an o-ring or some other adjustment system that would last a bit longer.
I like Euro Reef skimmers in sumps. I currently run a CS6-2 on my reef system and the same on my 120 gallon cuttle system. I am very happy with the ER skimmers, but I was given a My Reef MR-1 beckett skimmer that I am going to use just to see how it works.
When I was keeping bandensis in smaller tanks I use a Remora and a Bak Pak. I never could get the Remora to produce skimmate so I don't like them too much! :D I liked the Bak Pak, but I used an airstone modification to get it producing decent amounts of skimmmate.
-Visi-Jet skimmer only costs $35, whereas other ones are more around $150.... is it only because it is smaller??? and when it says "can hold up to 100gallons"...does that mean that it can contain 100 gallons at once, or that it is made for tanks up to 100g ???
it means upto 100g tanks, altho most of the manufacturer recommendations are abnormally high, divide by 4 for a more reasonable estimate, altho an undersized skimmer is better than no skimmer at all!

and my all time fav is the aquamedic turbofloator 1000 multi, good skimmer, reasonable price, hang-on or insump, easy to install, etc etc, altho i use them on my fish/reefs not octo tank

As far as skimmers go...yes. I dont know what size tank you have, but the turbofloator is perfect for 50-100g tanks (altho they claim upto 350g). Where I am, this skimmer is $350CAD with pump, many skimmers which would do a similar job run for well over $500CAD and you need to buy a $200CAD pump!

If you have a tank
ok...i dont have a tank yet....but i m really planning on gettin a 30g-50g tank...
what do you think about the Visi-Jet for a 50g tank??
and what else is needed? a pump? a overflowthing (wat s that?)
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