• Looking to buy a cephalopod? Check out Tomh's Cephs Forum, and this post in particular shares important info about our policies as it relates to responsible ceph-keeping.

Which protein skimmer do you have, and do you recommend it?

Well of the 28 Tanks in the build 9 are Sumps and 3 of those are for equipment only the other 6 are for Refugiums and there all decent size (4ft) so there is a possibility that the refugiums (all of them) become live food holding tanks only thing is....I live in a country where Live Food Feedings is totally illegal in all forms except for things like worms/brine shrimp/larvae....things like shrimp, crabs, fish etc. are all illegal.

Having said that..... :smile:

I put no fish, shrimp or crab in ANY of my tanks for the intention of food...they are CuC members :wink: IF they happen to be slain in the process of 'CuCing' then well that is nature...... :biggrin2:

I have cop'd it left right and center over live food feedings but people didn't expect me to have a personality akin to that which I keep...stomatopods :smile:, so I don't back down :biggrin2:.
Interesting, I have never been exposed to or thought about a no live food law but I suppose it might exist in the US for vertebrates. It is also true for humans? I.E. are live clams/oysters illegal to serve or does opening them constitute killing first? Thinking about it, I did seem to remember someone being fined for swallowing a goldfish and looking it up it appears both AU and the UK have laws against it but I am not sure about the US. Eating live octopus seems to be legal in the state of NY and other states but I suspect not in GA (based upon not finding live octopuses in the Asian markets here but knowing they are available in Washington DC from the same chain store and YouTube restaurant videos in NY).
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