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What is the ideal salinity for cuttefish?


Blue Ring
Apr 23, 2003
I read in a book that cuttlefish cannot tolerate water salinity that is lower than its natural habitat. Could I know if there is an ideal salinity for Sp. Latimanus? My water salinity is currently at 1.022 at 25-26deg. Am thinking if I should increase it to 1.023 or 1.024.


Cheers, LS
Zoidberg has tolerated a salinity of 1.20-1.27. he would refuse to eat if the salinity was not between this. So increasing the salinity a little should be alright.
1.025 - 1.026 is perfect for them, its true that all cephs dont like the water to be off as far as salinity is concerned
Hmmm...I'm still abit puzzled. Isn't 1.022 the salinity of seawater the world over? 1.026 seems to me abit too 'salty'. :P
No, the sea really is salty! The specific gravity of seawater is 1.026 (and there are minor variations in different oceans and at different depths).

So 1.025-1.026 is a good sg for a ceph.

do it gradually though and never add salt straight to the tank.. mix up a bucket of stronger water and add it gradually over a day or two...

:smile: Not to worry, I intend to let the water evaporates a bit more, and to increase the salinity gradually during my water change regime.

Cheers, LS

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