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[Octopus]: Meet Turq!


O. vulgaris
Nov 18, 2019
Good Morning,

I also thought I would share me and my boyfriend's Caribbean Reef Octopus we named Turq, which is short for Turquoise. He/She has this amazing pearly Turquoise color. (Also still in the process of trying to identify sex but it's hard when they are constantly moving their tentacles around.) Turq is our first Caribbean Reef and it was through another Tonmo member, sedna's thread that we were able to get it. We had Turq before Hank (the Bimac) but they both are doing well and from observation they both started digging their dens shortly after being introduced into their new environments. I currently have Turq in a 125 gallon as well. (There was an amazing sale at Petsmart for a whole tank with stand and glass top that we decided to take advantage of and then we customized it to add the pump and aeration system.) He has in a 1.026 Salinity, 77° and 8.2 pH fully cycled tank with zero toxicity levels. If anyone has any suggestions on water temperatures I would greatly appreciate it I know the waters in the Keys run warmer but he seems to be fine at this degree. He also was fed a live fiddler crab yesterday and before that a couple of crayfish as he's substantially bigger than the Bimac. I would ideally like to get a breeding operation going for the Caribbeans as well but we'll see how things go. I appreciate the views and input from everyone!


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