1. sedna

    [Octopus]: Briareus Baby '24

    I got this new baby briareus from Philipp at in early March. I had some ISSUES in a couple of my other tanks that took all of my attention, which is fine because it let the newbie settle in without me being a helicopter keeper. It's a cautious one so far, sits in a rock right up...
  2. sedna

    [Octopus]: Dax, O. briareus

    This tank sat empty from the time Anya died in May until 2 1/2 weeks ago when Philip from KP Aquatics messaged me that he had another briareus for me. Over the summer, we made lots of updates to this tank as it is 21 years old! New live rock, corals and an awesome new Kessil light helped...
  3. J

    [Octopus]: Oscar the ornery octopus (O. briareus)

    Got this beautiful, small O. briareus this morning from Philipp at KP Aquatics. Climbed right out of the jar, spent about 5-10 minutes exploring his new home and then proceeded to devour an emerald crab. Then went into hiding and take a siesta, so let's see. I have 4 emerald crabs and 4...
  4. sedna

    [Octopus]: Odo

    Odo is tiny. SUPER tiny. We’ve had it for almost a month now, and it’s still just sooooo teensy tiny!!! I was ordering corals from KP Aquatics, and in emailing Philip mentioned that he had a few really small octopuses that were collected in live rock. Smaller than I usually like to keep- but...
  5. sedna

    [Octopus]: Kestra

    Philip at KP Aquatics has done it for me again!!! Two weeks ago, I ordered a batch of live rock to cycle our bio cube with. I got a note from him right away asking if I would like the little Briareus he had in stock. DUH!!! The little one has been here for two full weeks now. It is still very...
  6. P

    [Octopus]: O. Briareus - Unwitting Ichthyologist at the Florida Museum

    Hi everybody, happy to finally be posting on this site! My name is Gabe Somarriba and I'm a technician working in the Florida Museum's Ichthyology Collections. While I've kept many fishes both marine and freshwater, I was never able to keep a cephalopod until recently. You see we have a big 90...
  7. dleo4590

    At A Loss

    Good Morning All, I have some very sad and unfortunate news. When we woke up this morning, we saw our male Caribbean Reef Octopus, Turq, had passed away and we are trying to find out why. One thing we had noticed is when we would have the wave pumps on he would occasionally stick his tentacles...
  8. dleo4590

    [Octopus]: Meet Turq!

    Good Morning, I also thought I would share me and my boyfriend's Caribbean Reef Octopus we named Turq, which is short for Turquoise. He/She has this amazing pearly Turquoise color. (Also still in the process of trying to identify sex but it's hard when they are constantly moving their tentacles...
  9. sedna

    [Octopus]: Anya, O. briareus

    So a little over two weeks ago I got an email from Philip at KP Aquatics that they were going to get in to briareus, and asking if I want one… YES! A very large, mature looking octopus this one is. For as many I’ve had, it’s still hard to sext them sometimes. I think this is a girl, I haven’t...
  10. S

    New Octo Advice Needed

    Hey all, Long time lurker. First time octo owner. After a year cycle with some damsels and a puffer I finally got an octo. Puffer and damsels have been removed. Octo is pretty small and was IDed (to the best of the marine biologists knowledge) as a Briarius. I got him and drip...
  11. O

    What do I have and what do I do with it?

    Hello all! New octopus mom here! This was very unexpected and sadly I was not afforded the time to do proper research. A friend of my fiancé’s went diving yesterday and when he got home he realized a tiny little octo had been hanging out in one of the shells he brought home. So he called my...
  12. sedna

    [Octopus]: Theon - O. briareus Back with a new baby!

    I got this new little one two weeks ago from KP Aquatics. I haven’t had one since the last one passed in December, and now that we’re safely two weeks into acclimation, I’m ready to start a journal! I’d say it’s a small briareus, but sometimes I’ve thought that and they turn out to be a...
  13. sedna

    [Octopus]: O. briareus

    It's officially been two weeks since I got this little one, so we're calling it successfully acclaimed! Thanks to KP Aquatics again, this little cutie hitchhiked in on a chunk of LR they had collected. Being so young, it is still very shy- I had to be satisfied with a glimpse of an arm here in...
  14. IMG_4685.MOV


    Mazer taking shrimp from a jar
  15. IMG_5294.MOV


    Surface time and tug-o-war
  16. IMG_5316.MOV


    More great hectocotylus footage. I wish my autocorrect would learn "hectocotylus" already!
  17. IMG_5291.MOV


    More video of Mazer, with more good hectocotylus curl.
  18. IMG_5289.MOV


    Mazer hanging out
  19. IMG_5290.MOV


    Mazer doing more stuff
  20. IMG_5333.MOV


    Mazer doing stuff