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Jul 13, 2008
Livonia, MI
So a little over two weeks ago I got an email from Philip at KP Aquatics that they were going to get in to briareus, and asking if I want one… YES! A very large, mature looking octopus this one is. For as many I’ve had, it’s still hard to sext them sometimes. I think this is a girl, I haven’t seen any special attention to that third right arm. Of course, I’m hoping it’s a girl- I’ve always wanted a chance to try to raise large egg babies. For now, will just keep our fingers crossed and enjoy this beautiful animal!


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Wow what pretty coloration! About how large is the mantle size? I'm curious about getting a briareus myself.

Please post updates if she lays! I'd love to see photos of briareus eggs.
Her mantle is about 2 in. I do love biareus! Interactive, sort of crepuscular/nocturnal, so I see them out regularly during the times of day that I'm active in the living room.

KP Aquatics lists on in stock- they are one of my absolute favorite suppliers! We are re-doing a 40 gal tall so we can make a FL Keys tank, and we're only going to stock it with stuff from Philip and Kara!
Quick question about KP aquatics- how regularly do they have Octos in stock? Do they collect from the wild? I think they mostly just get Atlantic species, is this still correct? Have they ever had bimaculoides or rubescens in stock?
They only collect locally, or get octopuses from other locals. I can’t say how often they get them in- usually you put your name in the waiting list. Mention that you’re a TONMO member and they take you seriously. 😉
Did a water change yesterday at noonish- in hopes that she wouldn’t be interested in “helping.” She came out from her daytime napping spot to check out what was going on, but was happy just watching. She’s setting in nicely and taking a fiddler crab every other day. The population of hermit crabs is way down, but that’s not surprising! 🤣
Did a water change yesterday at noonish- in hopes that she wouldn’t be interested in “helping.” She came out from her daytime napping spot to check out what was going on, but was happy just watching. She’s setting in nicely and taking a fiddler crab every other day. The population of hermit crabs is way down, but that’s not surprising! 🤣
What temp do you have your tank setup at?
I’ve been so crazy busy- but not do much that I haven’t had time to snap a ton of pictures!


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So Anya will absolutely help with water changes when you do them in the evening! 🤣 John and I were doing tank maintenance, and Anya just about climbed out of the tank! She’s very curious, wants to see everything we’re doing if we put our hands in the tank, but is hesitant to grab onto people. She has made contact with me, but it’s OK with me that she’s a bit hesitant because she’s very large and a bite from her would not be fun!

she does seem to be particularly interested in the dogs. There are regular times of day when the dogs bark at the window, at other dogs or kids getting off of the school bus. The dogs go to the window and start barking, and Anya is on the glass glued to it as though they were the most riveting TV show ever!


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And, while I work out some video processing issues, @sedna has allowed me to upload her vids on her behalf :smile:

Says @sedna about this one:
In this final video of “dog enrichment time,” you can see that Anya has settled into the bottom left corner of the tank closest to the dogs! She really doesn’t leave this position, because she can see all three dogs from where she is. I sure wish she could give them all a bath! 🤣

This is very interesting! I've never experimented with letting my cephs interact with terrestrial animals. Great videos!
There’s not a lot of “letting” going on- it’s just what happens naturally in my living room... I do wish the octopus could wash the dogs, though! 🤣
Anya continues to be a delight to us all! She’s out when there is action in the living room- usually as a response to the dogs’ barking- and in the evenings. She’s used to us doing water changes, so she doesn’t always participate anymore.


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So during water changes you really have to watch out for this one! Anya loves to be under the flow of the new water coming in, just like a shower. But she also loves to try to grab on to the water changing bucket and try to get a lift out of the tank! It definitely takes two of us to do water changes, one to do the work and the other to wrangle the octopus! I have some pictures here of Post water change where she is actually walking along the glass on the top of the aquarium. Anya is the first octopus I’ve had who I’ve caught doing this! In the photos she has a snail near her mouth, but she was just carrying that around for fun. She ditched it once we started to play with her, she does not actually eat the snails.


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