[Octopus]: Anya, O. briareus

It may be morbid, but I got some video of Anja while she was eating her arms. It might seem odd but I wanted to get some documentation of autophagic behavior.
Some pictures of Anya’s last days. I was really amazed, because she spent her last two days right out in the open wanting attention from us all. I felt very lucky that she wanted to spend time with us! She spent a lot of time playing with my fingers and sitting in my hand, and also watching the dogs from her perch up high in the tank.


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The day before she died I walked in to the living room to find Anya in the top corner of the tank watching television. It was just funny, because on TV was a documentary which featured an octopus hunting!🤣
@sedna I'm sorry to hear about Anya's eggs. I am happy that you were able to have a positive last few days with her and that you were able to take some photos and document some autophagy and egg laying! Always fun to have another learning opportunity.

@whitewhale2003 the type of octopus that will be comfy in your tank is mostly dependent on what temperature you keep your tank at, and what other critters you have living in the tank. The tank shape and volume seem to be a good fit for any medium sized octopus or smaller (think around the size of a larger O. Bimaculoides)
Anya may have died months ago, but her chapter wasn’t closed until now. Our friend Glenn, who we got to know solely because he was an octopus fan, has died. This is the post I put on Facebook this morning:

Sometimes social media can be a very positive thing. Such was the case for Glenn Clark and I. Thanks to OctoNation, we were brought together by our love of octopuses. The Nitz family is beyond proud that we were able to share time with Glenn, and that we were able to share our beautiful Anya with him, so that he could experience an octopus encounter.

Glenn was warm and generous, gregarious and great fun. He touched all four of us deeply, and our only regret is that we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with him! We might have helped him fulfill a dream, but the impact he made on us feels so much more valuable.

Good night, sweet Glenn! May you rest in peace, playing with Anya.

I might have met Glenn through OctoNation- but if it weren’t for the TONMO family, I’d never have even had an octopus. If it weren’t for Tony’s amazing creation and D’s incredible support, I would never have been brave enough to even try! I was able to give a dying man his wish- to play with an octopus- because of TONMO! I love this community, I’m proud to be a part of something so amazing!
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