[Octopus]: Baby Kraken!

Wow- I’m really behind in my journal! It’s “kind of” a good thing, because it means my life actually got busy for a while there! 🤣 All is going great with BK, she’s grown- but I need to get some more up to date pictures, these are a month old already!
so cool! how long would she hang out in the bottle like that? Just a few minutes or is it more like hours?
Unfortunately, I have to report that Baby Kraken has passed away. I have not been taking lots of videos, because she has been so active I can’t juggle playing with the octopus and the video at the same time. However, so she was really pretty playful and gregarious all the way to the end.

I had not noticed, but a few weeks ago my younger daughter asked if BK was in senescence. I think because my daughter only saw her on the weekends she noticed the difference in her appearance, that she was much paler.

Several years ago, I had another octopus just like this. I was so sure she was a briareus, she was active and friendly all the way until she died, along with a hatching out of small egg babies, which briareus are definitely NOT. I was never actually positive as to whether BK was male or female, now I’m not even sure what species she was.

What is certain, is that she was amazing little animal and help me teach about octopuses to all who would listen! She made lots of friends in my own house, and certainly via our YouTube channel!

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