1. sedna


    4-21-09 temp= 59F pH= 7.2 (double checked!) "Sedna's Center for Senescent Cephs" proudly welcomes new resident, Osgood. I got her from Tom"s Caribbean, she arrived in good condition but cold, and with 10 hermit crabs as a bonus! At first I thought she was dead, but she was just very cold...
  2. sedna

    Osgood won't come out of the net!

    I got a new-GIANT (old!) briareus from Tom on Tuesday. To get it out of the acclimation bucket, I had to use a giant coffee mug and transfer went with no problems. But now it won't come out of the mug to look around and see that there are way better places to live, much more suitable chunks of...
  3. DWhatley

    SueNami - O. briareus

    Water Tank/Shipping Temp: 74.7 F / 71F SG: 1.025 /1.026 PH: 8.3 - 8.4/< 6 Nitrite: 0 /.5 Nitrate: 10/30 Begin time: 3:00 PM Entered tank: 6:00 PM I e-mailed Tom about the availability of a small briareus a couple of weeks ago and...
  4. cuttlechris


    Well she's just arrived via Fed Ex overnight. Everybody Welcome my Briareus Shiva!!!
  5. joefish84

    this is like watching grass grow

    ok so i got up every couple hours last night trying to catch the start of the hatch in action... never did... so all day ive been waiting. still hasnt occurred. the eggs look ready to explode and the babies are wriggling their arms around frantically. but anyway heres some more pics to...
  6. dreadhead

    Olorin & Achilles Journal

    I should of started this awhile ago,but better late than never. They are both doing great.They come out every morning and every evening,and cruise a little in the afternoon. They are both eating a wide variety food(shrimp,scallops,crabs,squid,and mussels). Olorin is very interactive while...
  7. dreadhead

    a few more pics of olorin

    here are a few more photos of olorin.He is getting more active each day.
  8. joefish84

    Conanny - O.briareus Formerly Conan The Destroyer

    well ive got one comin in from FL in the morning. just spent a few hours reapplying the octoproofing to the tank. since ive moved back to the coast its now filled with lots of crabs, shrimp and blennies... just hope they all get along... theres also about 100 peppermint shrimp in there that...
  9. tonmo

    New Egor Video

    Thanks to Carol (corw314) for providing a new 3-minute video of Egor stalking his lego. View it from our Video Gallery; it's the 12/11 entry. Thanks Carol!!