1. sedna

    [Octopus]: Mazer - O. briareus

    It's been waaaay to long since I've journaled an octopus. But it's been a while since I've had one as awesome as Mazer. He's lived here since May, but it took him at least a month to warm up and come out a bit. He came from KP Aquatics, and is one hell of a character! Not sure if he's a...
  2. Aidan Conti

    [Octopus]: Meet King Solomon - O. Briareus

    Hey tonmo! I've only made one post here and that was to introduce Irkalla another O. Briareus, unfortunately she was at the end of her days when I purchased her and I actually got incredibly lucky and she died the night before I went to pick her up. (I'm a first time ceph owner so I would have...
  3. Susan Grosskopf

    [Octopus]: Meet Speck-O. Briareus

    Speck arrived this past weekend. I was very lucky and Bill in Marathon, Florida had another animal so I was able to get another Octo right away. DWhatley, I posted the video on Facebook if you can once again bring it over. Thank you. As you will see in the video he had a spot on his mantle and I...
  4. Egor


    Carol's Egor video - discuss -
  5. C

    [Octopus]: Nebula - O. briareus

    Nebula has arrived! I refrained from starting this journal until I actually got her across the border into Canada and she made it through her first 24 hours. She (or he?) was shipped out from KP Aquatics in the Florida Keys on Wednesday (Oct. 28) afternoon and I picked her up at the FedEx...
  6. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: unnamed - O. briareus

    A Krakenito has arrived! It is that time of the year again (baby octo hatchings) and I was octoless so was delighted that KPAquatics let me know they had an O. briareus available if I wanted it. (Sadly, I missed their email that informed me about an O. hummelincki). This tiny (guessing it is a...
  7. S

    [Octopus]: Deuce - O. briareus New Family Member

    Well, thanks to Sirreal, we have a new friend! We made the trip down to pick up our buddy and he looked fantastic. Color changes looked great. The shop owner said he has been eating well. We drip acclimated him and then introduced him to the tank in the pet carrier with a pvc pipe. He curled...
  8. iAlex

    [Octopus]: O. briareus

    After my little hummelinki died I didn't think I was going to get another octo, but one of my wholesalers at my store let me know she got a little octo that wan't a mercatoris (I got one of those that I didn't make a journal for... pictures and a quick little video )...
  9. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: Shiitake - O. briareus

    When it rains it pours. After Onn died in January, I did not look for another ceph for awhile to be able to give full attention to family. When I was ready for a critter, I could not find quite what I wanted and saw that there were cuttlefish available so two weeks ago, I ordered eggs and am...
  10. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: Maui Moonlight (M&M) - O. Briareus

    Hatch Date: March 29, 2014 Mother: Iris (@TMoct) Shipped: April 29, 2014 (1 month) TMoct shipped one of the remaining "extras" from Iris' brood. It arrived today and appears healthy. If it survives for the next two weeks I think we can use this as an age marker for shipping. Two others...
  11. Justin Nguyen

    [Octopus]: Ghost--O. Briareus

    I got this guy about 20 days ago from a driver out of Florida. So far its been eating fiddler crabs and takes them right out of my hand. Seems to be setting in well got itself a home behind the stack of rocks on the right. It does show interest in anything I'm holding in my hand so I'm working...
  12. SabrinaR

    60 gallon cube ok for O briareus

    I have always wanted one of these guys but dont know if this tank would work out for one of them. What do you all think? Its a 24 x 24 x 25.
  13. Animal Mother

    [Octopus]: New O. briareus, Pearl

    Hello, it's been a while! This is Pearl, whom I was lucky enough to stumble upon when I heard a local franchise was having a big sale on 3D aquarium backgrounds. They were actually in transition to becoming an exotic fish and reptile specialty store and the sale was already over. I hadn't even...
  14. TMoct

    [Octopus]: Iris - O. Briareus

    There is a new tenant in the aquarium, so far without a name. He arrived on Friday, Jan. 10. I ordered this guy on ebay (seller "wmsfm" from Florida). I asked about the species, size, and original home and was told Octopus Vulgaris with 6-8" arms, coming from the Upper Key, FL. Based on this...
  15. J

    Where can I buy a Bimac or Briareus?

    Hello Everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a Bimac or Briareus octopus. I live in Colorado, so I can't dive for one myself.
  16. D

    O. briareus?

    I just added what I be I'd've to be a baby vulgarus, he was no bigger then a quarter, drip acclimated, then put into the tank, he has gone into a cave, under a rock, and has not come out, I'm hopinge he is ok?
  17. J

    Need to name for journal - O. briareus

    Just picked up this litte beauty from KP Aquatics. They are a very nice and dedicated couple that really love their work. I would highly recommend them. Really amazing Live Rock as well! They said octopus briareus, but the two distinct green dots? Just want to confirm.
  18. sirreal

    [Octopus]: Tranny - O. briareus

    Some pics of Tranny
  19. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: Onn - O. briareus

    Still working on a name but on Thursday, I was honored with not one but two little guys to end our octolessness. This one was a live rock stowaway that escaped detection for several weeks, eating the crab livestock Kara and Philipp collect for sale. I knew I was getting this one and saw a...
  20. W

    O. Briareus Future Setup

    So when money allows (hopefully soon), I want to setup a tank for an O. briareus. The tank will be somewhere between 60-70 gallons depending on what I can find. I was hoping to do a sump less tank. Disregarding "the water will be more stable," is there any reason why I could do all HOB stuff? I...