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Cuttlefish tank cycling.

@Jocco I am so excited as well. My LFS says they may be doing a Reefgen run in early September, so theres a chance I'll be getting them then.

In other news, last night, I finally bit the bullet and made a concerted effort to manually eradicate the green hair algae by hand. Spot pulling it wasn't working, the decreased lighting regimen didn't seem to work, more snails and crabs couldn't keep up with it, and the more aggressive water changes seem to have only angered it. So last night, I reached for a tooth brush and hand scrubbed all the rocks and used a powerhead with a prefilter to catch the floating bits. It looks so much better, even though getting 100% of it proved impossible. Someone at the shop recommended using a small dose of hydrogen peroxide to keep it under control, but i didn't do this, as I'm hesitant to put anything in I can't test for.
By the way @Jocco, how long do you acclimate snails for? I've found that certain ones require waaaaay more acclimation than others. Astraea snails in particular seem to die on me if I don't drip acclimate them over like 2 hours, which is dumb because I know they basically just ship them in wet paper towel. Also, sometimes they die because they're flipped upside down and too shocked to right themselves, so when I put them in I hand place them rightside up. I have a lot of luck with big turbo and/or trochus snails. I bag acclimate them and just do the little cups and don't seem to ever lose them. I know others haven't been as lucky, but they've been very forgiving to me. So far, most of the snails I've lost, were actually lost to hermit crabs wanting the shells. The turbo snails seem better at muscling themselves away from a persistent crab. I also have a limpet (which I got for free!) and some little chitons or abalone or something that came with the rock. The limpet is very cool and seems to like scrounging around at the back of the tank.
I decided I just couldn't wait anymore and ordered some eggs. However, I may still pick up one of those started babies when (if) they get them in, since they'd likely be about the same age at that point anyways. And if I end up with more eggs, getting individuals from 2 different lines couldn't hurt. I'm so nervous and excited now. I have a ton of amphipods in the tank, but I'm thinking I'm very probably going to need to order some foods also.

EDIT: And now I've just noticed I placed my order on Lovecraft's birthday of all days. Coincidence?!
Sorry to be late to respond :grin: but I was very happy with Blue Zoo and have seen the same reported by others. Their shipping is as excellent as Live Aquaria's (and I cannot say that about any other shipper) and all of my eggs hatched.

As an aside, you can use our search feature - top right - and select some filtering to get historic info if someone is not on-line to help in a quick reply situation. An additional (and sometimes better) search is to use Google's site search (type: Blue Zoo site:tonmo.com).
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