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Fluval Flex 32.5 Small octopus

Yeah they’re probably eating each other since there’s not a lot of space or places to hide. Maybe out a few small shells in there for hiding places? What have you tried feeding them?
I tried brine shrimp, fish food and egg, nothing worked. The have all gone to a better place. I ordered another dwarf octopus and will try again, if I am lucky. I am trying to find someone who raises Fiddler crabs or any very small creature. I try pods next time. I also bought several small net boxed to separate the babies next time, again if I am lucky.
The larger Red Sea 350 is cycling now and it should be ready toward the end of October. I hope to get a larger diurnal octopus for the 350.
I have another dwarf octopus. This one, Ellen, I hope it is a female, is very similar but not quite the same as Harlie. Ellen has a larger Web and bumps on the mantel. Ellen also inks with the slightest disturbance.
Ellen is very shy, just like Harlie, but I'll try to get some pictures

I am cycling a Red Sea 350 and hopefully will get a larger diurnal octopus in a couple of months.

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