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Cuttlefish tank cycling.

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Nice color on the mushroom, I have some orange/red (Caribbean) in two of the ceph tanks but have not see the darker maroon.

The candy cane coral may not do well. Mine like it hot (or at least quite warm) and LOTS of sunlight (mine are in a nano with halide lighting). They also are easy to upset and will put a slime in the water that may not be good for an octo (it has never stung my hand but the do it every time I change the water).

The other two are likely OK for the octo but survival is questionable.
My new pump came today! Originally I had purchased a Mag 7 and despite many high praises from various people, I did not care for how loud it was. I think the people who don't notice it must all have enclosed sumps, which I do not. I could hear it from almost any room in my house, grumbling away. It was not the pump vibrating against anything either, as it made the noise even when suspended in a bucket. I tried everything, and at first thought it was just defective but my LFS, (standup guys, really) let me swap it for another one and it made just as much noise. So I returned it (and have been running things on a powerhead in the meantime) and have exchanged it for a Sicce 2.0 which is a 568 GPH pump. And holy crap, is it quiet! It's quieter than the rinky dink powerhead. It's only been running for a few minutes so I'll update if anything changes, but so far, definitely recommend.
Found two tiny little aiptasia anemones this morning, but haven't disturbed them as of yet. Weird how those little buggers didn't appear until 45 days after setting things up, altho i suppose they could've come in on something else. (Although I haven't added anything since that frag swap on May 30th). Any advice on dealing with the little buggers?
I can't seem to get the little monsters off. Theyre so small and they just suck into the rock only to reappear later. I've still got a good 40 days or so till I'm ready for cuttles. Maybe some peppermint shrimp might help?
You will not be able to scrape them off and if you mash them trying you will just spread them (think poison ivy :grin:) . There are a number of methods and I can't say which is best. Injection with lemon juice or boiling water, very low salinity soak(will kill the live rock bacteria), Joe's Juice (I have had success with this one but it required multiple coating), some fish (can't recall - thinking butterfly but adding any fish is an issue), sometime peppermint shrimp work well but, supposedly, only certain kinds. IME, they will eat the small one and keep the population from spreading but don't eat the larger ones. In general, peppermint shrimp would be worth a try but be aware that if you get eggs they may try to attack the eggs or hatchlings even when they are in a net (I saw this with baby octos).
When I had an outbreak years ago, this was what I did. I had a large container of VERY hot fresh water sitting above the tank and a small air hose which siphons the hot water into and onto the area where the Aptasia is located, keep the hose as close as possible to where the pest is. It will "burn" the immediate area (mine turned a reddish colour) but it will also burn off the Aptasia.
I'm going to give the peppermint shrimp a try, as they seem pretty safe, and I can remove them or put them in the sump if need be. I actually went to the LFS to see if they had any, but won't be getting them until probably Wednesday.

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