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What else is needed?


Jan 20, 2003
Ever since my highschool Marine Science class, I've wanted to keep an octopus. I've been looking at this site for a few months now, and I've immersed myself in books and articles. As the time grows near, I would like to ask the pros for some help. Here is what I have:

75 gallon tank
wet/dry filter rated for 125 gal.
fine substrate
lots of hiding spaces made out of stone

I did not have the money for LR, or else I would have bought that. I just used some from the company Feller Stone. There are probably many things that I have forgot to list, though. I know a protein skimmer is needed, and I was wondering on what type you guys prefer. Also, is there anything, other than sea stars and sea cucumbers that an octopus won't eat? Thanks.
Hi LittleMatt,

Have you seen Colin's Equipment List on this site? It offers a good list of the things you'll need, and things to consider, when starting your new tank. Otherwise, if you have specific questions, I'm sure folks here can help. Good luck!

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