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custom octo tank!


Blue Ring
Sep 30, 2021
I wanted to share my tank. I've actually tried posting this multiple times but it keeps getting wiped before i hit enter...maybe it's a sign I'm writing too much. Anyway, This is my octopus tank! It was customized to meet the needs of safely caring for an octopus! So, 55 gal "prism shape?" My only regret is that its taller than it is wide, so there is less ground space for the octopuses I've had. Sump underneath, 15gal long, overflow pipe comes down and drains from two pipes, thus two filter socks. I have frags in it, algae plants chateo whatnot that i can't spell lol. and a little light in there for the plants, also have a Bio-Chem-Zorb bag as a backup for if the Octopus inks. as well as my carbon bags, further back is the protein skimmer, it's an Octo brand name one that specifically can handle 3x the amount of water as my tank for how messy these guys are :smirk: I have a few hermit crabs, emerald crabs, clams, two shrimp and a starfish. Only one of my octos have ever eaten the shrimp, the rest get replaced.Some of the things i use to stimulate the minds of these lovely creatures, for their Enrichment, I've found that some will only explore objects that contain live food.. So I've taken apart the treat balls that are intended for dogs andput crabs in them, same thing with this BB-8 from star wars, it was my son's toy but he outgrew it so ive opened it up and put an emerald crab in there, there are a number of tiny holes all through out the bb-8 and this had seemed to give my octopus the most joy and play time though he didn't figure out the little twist it needed to come apart.what else.. ah, yes so I didn't finish explaining how the tank is octopus proof/safe! So the top& the bottom of the tank I removed the glass and plastic top and bottom- the holes for the overflow & return are sealed tightly at the bottom,and acrylic was cut specifically for it by a friend who had had an octopus before. the pipes come up the middle of the tank and have very small, or thin openings for the overflow, smaller than beak size of many octopuses, the two return pipes face opposite directions and also are too thin (not to mention too powerful) So allll of that is all within the tank, then the top acrylic also cut to fit, added a handle to lift, i added a small cut just big enough to fit the power cord for an additional fan to circulate water lower down in the tank. so everything aligned and sealed on the sides and then: tiny screws right into the frame at the top with those plastic locks that you just push (like in the back of picture frames) to lock the lid down and the press on top of the overflow pipes so their little grid cant be removed by strong curious octopus arms loll.!
So there are pics for u, showing the seal at top, the tank with massive live rock & coraline it makes an enormous cave inside of it and lots of peep holes for curious arms, then also showing is a big pvc pipe also in there as a really dark cave for octopus during the day :smile:
Temp 70.1
Salinity 1.025 / 34
PH 8.23
Nitrate 0-2


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Yes it does!! $3 at Home Depot and you screw it in with the provided screws into the top of a usual tank.. would be super easy with a regular rectangular one! :smile:
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