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Chiller size for ruby octo


Blue Ring
Sep 21, 2020
Paso Robles, CA

My octo tank (Red Sea reefer 250 (66 gallons all in) is all set up and fully cycled (been cycling for a while, I set it up in July and just added a clean up crew/future octo snacks). I have kept saltwater for several years and I have a Red Sea 900xxl (~240 gal) and that’s how my 250 freed up about a year ago.

I live in Paso Robles and have seen ruby octopuses in the tide pools nearby so my plan is to get one myself (I’ve read up on it and I can take one as a pet with a fishing license, subject to some limitations).

In any event, my question is what size chiller I should get for the tank to maintain 55-60 - assume the room is up to 78 in the summer a few times a year.


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