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Want Octo but travel...


Oct 11, 2004
For a little under a year now I've been tossing around the idea of getting an Octo. My only concern is i'm a flier in the military and at any given time I could be gone for 14 days. This is not common but could happen, I have two roommates but I do not want to ask them to do any feeding.

All in all I would say on AVG I'm home 18 days a month, however it could be as little as 10 on a bad month.

Is it possible to have an Octo with a schedule like this, and if so what kind of options could I use to feed him / her.

thanks so much!

You really need to wait until you can be home more.

Not only are there the tank maintenance and feeding issues, but you need to be there to interact with and enjoy your octopus during its short lifespan. It needs to get to know you and trust you, which will be difficult if you're not there for long periods.

So patience....

Hi Staton

Just to reinforce what Nancy has said, these are fairly intelligent animals and need stimulation, so being away for a time as you are makes it rather difficult to see to the needs of an octopus. Feeding is a real issue. Most cephalopods have very limited ability to store energy (as fat or whatever) and so need feeding most days or they start to starve very quickly indeed. Until you can be based in one place for a while (or you can persuade your roommate to take on an octopus :biggrin2: ) you may have to make do with visiting Tonmo.com and watching videos!! Sorry

thanks for the help I really apprecaite it! one of my best friends (same job) has one and I'm in love with the little creature but his roommate really helps him out with feeding & interaction so I'll just stick with visiting him :smile:

Yeah, it is a two person job if one isn't home a lot...I lucked out with a wife who likes animals.
Look on the bright side...you can get all of the supplies for the tank all together in the time you are waiting !

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