i'm fairly new to the site but i voted new england because it's close to me but i will travel anywhere really as long as it's in the u.s.
i hope you decide to do it in 2008 because i'm anxious to go to one.
How about the National Aquarium in Baltimore? it's got a great nautilus display, and the harbor it's in has tons of hotels and exotic restaurants. they also have a GPO, but it's getting old now.

May cephalopods be bestowed eternal glory!!
We're going to stick to our 2-year cycle for the official TONMOCONs. So, sometime in the spring or summer of 2009. It'll be here before we know it!
Tintenfisch;110409 said:
OK. CIAC is scheduled for 7-11 September, in Spain, just to throw that bit of information out there...

That's 2009, not this year, right?
I went trolling for names we know and came up with this ;>)

Steve O'Shea and Kat Bolstad at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand were the first to find evidence of cannibalism in A. dux, in a female caught in New Zealand waters. They published their findings in the New Zealand Journal of Zoology last year. But O'Shea suspected the cannibalism was accidental.
Ranzan;110300 said:
i voted Seattle that way some of us Canadians can make it up relatively easy plus im always up for a dive:P

please be Seattle, PLEASE BE SEATTLE! I can get there!!! It'd be nice to actually show up to one of these things some time... well, maybe I can save up my money and fly to where ever it is this year
*cough* seattle *cough*
cephalopodcast;111553 said:
I would be interested in a conference in San Francisco. I know Monterey has already hosted once, but I'd like another excuse to go there. I'd also consider Seattle.

San Francisco! Everyone would be welcome to view my cuttles and I can give the grande tour of SF :lol:
Totally! Daisy Hill is right across the Bay! Party at the Hill! New Steinhart - nautilus and GPO (maybe even a great place for the con)!
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