Dun dun dun.... TONMOCon VII

Will the registrations links be added here ( I assume it will be) or will it be with Woods Hole?
They will be provided here! (and probably both) -- I'm trying to give them a bit of breathing room; they are delayed in completing 2018 rates and contract templates. But, it's time enough to ping again, so I will do that now.
...they are still working it out, but all parties remain committed. It's just a matter of them finalizing rates for 2018. Sorry for the continued delay but we'll get there!
Tomorrow is the last day for #tcon7 registration. We have about 70 attendees signed up total; this total includes presenters, interns, and members of the press. It is shaping up to be awesome, as advertised. Can't wait to see you all there! :boat:
Per my post in another thread... Squidette noted that we are planning to leave Monday morning, and what hadn't occurred to me is "where to stay Sunday night"... Is it possible to stay at the accommodation until Monday morning, or should I be booking a hotel?
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