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May 30, 2000
What with it being 2008, I thought it would be good to open up the first official TONMOCON III thread. There has been some discussion in disparate places... and there have been a number of "mini-cons" where TONMOers get together in smaller gatherings. I thought we could start with a poll to gauge interest in location...
I voted Monterey. That way, even if I am puking this time, I can make it. :biggrin2: Besides that, I like Seattle because we could organize a GPO dive.

BTW, the talk I was going to give is still all ready...
i think one in Miami would be amazing. Mostly because i live close by, but also because there are a lot of aquarists here as well as the Seaquarium nearby. Also Tom (the collector that gets many of the O. Briareus for our members) lives close as well, and he might be willing to come, maybe bring a few octos too :sly: For members that could come, there are also many interesting things to do while here such as scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, and for those who like it, fishing. If not, one in Sarasota wouldn't be a bad idea either..
I would say SF, but I don't think the new Cal Academy would be open then. If there is interest, I could find out.
If it's sarasota again, i am NOT driving... at least in one sitting again... or maybe at least not on 2 hours of sleep...
I voted Monterey, since I like alternating East Coast/ West Coast if we're sticking with the U.S.... Seattle might meet that requirement, and then #4 could be New England and we'd hit all 4 corners... I'm not sure I could afford an international version, but if I can I'd be fine with that.
West Coast. If we choose Monterey, I could get the ball rolling pretty quickly. Frankly, I'm into Seattle. Great, great town, awesome aquarium. San Francisco is potentially good, so is Long Beach (everybody fly into Burbank, however, LAX sucks. Great bar, horrible experience otherwise), or perhaps San Diego (Scripps Institute, Sea World). Then maybe New England next time, just because I've never visited that aquarium. Then there's always Oahu, but for us mainlanders, that's like an international flight.

Were we intending to do this every year, or just biannually?

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