Wow, talk about level voting! (At the time of this post, results are 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, respectively).

I personally haven't figured out annual or biannual. Once per year seems somewhat costly for me, but at the same time, 2 years feels like a long time to wait for something so fun and rewarding. Right now my going assumption is that this will be a 2009 event. It does require a fair amount of coordination and notification. But, I might be able to swing something this year if Cthulhu's stars were aligned.

NEAq is really great, been there a couple of times. Monterey was an amazing experience for me and my family, what a beautiful place to be. Mote was great -- Jason and everyone at Mote were so accommodating; it really made for a great experience. But, we were just there... I see a lot of posts from Floridians wanting us to go back, but I imagine for this next trip we may want to go someplace else.

I would be up for going back to Monterey this time (as I imagine we'll try Mote again in the future as well). I voted for Seattle, however. That's one place I've never been, and Dr. Roland Anderson has been a long-time friend of (although I haven't corresponded with him in years). However, if that does prove to be too remote and costly for the rest, I'm open to input. I know folks like Jonathan (pipsquek) and RabidSquid were able to join us in Monterey because it was relatively local for them.
Hmmm... hard choice. I chose New England, because there is a chance I could make it. I would prefer Seattle because I haven't been there in years and the diving is really cool (although cold...). It would be fun to have a field trip to Friday Harbor or Vancouver...
No where in the midwest? I doubt I will go unless it was in SLC (or, maybe Kansas City since I have family and friends there) but I'm sure there are other people from the midwest that would like something a little closer to home.
I'd also love to see more of the small regional get-togethers. I had high hopes for the southern CA one, even though only marinebio_guy and I actually made it, but even if it's not an official "TONMOCON" it seems like trips to many of these places, possibly with pics/videos/trip reports, would be a great way to have some "in person" stuff that has a similar feel to the "cool, we get to meet these people" experiences of the TONMOCONS...
shipposhack;107523 said:
No where in the midwest? I doubt I will go unless it was in SLC (or, maybe Kansas City since I have family and friends there) but I'm sure there are other people from the midwest that would like something a little closer to home.

Shedd aquarium?
Well ... I voted FL because I know I can get there BUT if we do this in 2009 maybe the money stars will align better. The thought of a GPO dive is totally exciting but the cost would likely be prohibitive since standard wetsuits designed for east cost waters just won't get it up there. Do we have a way to rank or do second and third choices? I have ALWAYS wanted to see the SHED (being a seahorse lover) so I would have to vote Chicago if FL is out.

Alternately, the FL keys would be way different than Sarasota even though it is the same state. It offers warm water diving (though not much of a chance of a ceph hunt) as well as snorkeling for those who are not certified, a possible look at some active restoration projects, a possible look at a coral nursery (where they culture live rock) and I might be able to help with info, a possible presentation and more if considered. Additionally, flying to Miami is often affordable (if flying is ever really affordble) and we might be able to arrange small groups for the drive south, reducing car expense. Just a thought ...
I'm not voting because I have no idea where I'll be in 2009, but I will certainly keep an eye on TONMOCON plans as there's a good chance I'll be stateside sometime that summer. However, the next CIAC meeting is also in 2009, in Spain. Not sure whether the dates have been set yet.
Yea i think the Florida keys would be a great idea, and if we go night diving we could probably find many o. briareus easily thanks to their greenish tint. Plus Miami wouldn't be too far away if anyone wants to have a one or two day trip to there.
what about San Diego? We have a pretty good aquarium down here that has a really neat tidepool exhibit with an adult Bimac in it as well as another tank with an adult GPO. I could also show everybody were I see all my octo's and such.

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