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tank for vulgaris

I think the size is fine for a vulgaris, but wouldn't it be better/stronger/cheaper/easier to build a square tank?

Is this fitting a space in your house?

The lighting could be two 48" strips, meeting in the center.

Locking down the glass tops will be a issue, unless you use heavy glass, because there will be a joint in the middle of the "L".

The stand won't be fun either. You need all the strength for holding 250 gallons, but only 27" wide to fit the supports and the filtration. Check out my photos on the stand design, you have alot of weight with 252 gallons.
Comments? on stand and filter-Tank coming Sat.

I am setting up a 240 gal. tank for a vulgaris or a officianalis pair. Still working on the filtration setup. Got some sort of parasite inhabitating it now. :wink:



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well, i was trying to fit it into my living room but i guess if its gonna be too hard then i should just do a square in my extra room i have....
You can try...
"L" shaped tanks are made, but not normally by individuals. Tutorials describe tank making to make it look easy, but there are alot of physics involved.

If you have the knowledge, go for it, but most people don't.

Odd tank sizes need to be overbuilt in such a way so that they are reliable and attractive to look at. That's 2500 pounds of water waiting to be spilled on your carpet.

The tankmaker I got mine from even says that carpet must be taken up for a flat base. The stand must have 3/4" of plywood, and 1" builder's foam-because if there is one tiny stress point the bottom will shatter (and it's (2) 5/8" sheets!) The more joints you have -the more perfectly even level seams you have to make.

Scares the :yuck: out of me!
Illithid said:
Got some sort of parasite inhabitating it now. :wink:

Interesting parasite! Had any luck getting it out of your tank??? If not I would suggest luring it out with some form of bait such as Cadbury Cod (chocolate fish!!), Sweet cold seaweed (ice cream!!) or something similar. DO NOT try to lever it out of the tank as they tend to respond with ever increasing decibel levels!!!!:smile:

i think im gonna go for the square or cube..... maybe a 48x48x24 or a 54x54x24. what would be better? i want an octo that wll have atleast 2 foot arms like a vulgaris or something.... is there anything larger that would fit in a 240-303 gal aquarium? btw i will most likely build the stand with a powder coated metal frame surrounded with a wooden frame ... and to make the flat surface for the tank to sit on i would use a putty to make a completely smooth surface by sanding untill perfectly level....also do you guys/gals think i will NEED a sump or can i run 3 rena xp3's? and 3 seaclone 150 skimmers? whats the benefits to running a sump? and do you need overflows to have a sump?

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