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some advice on caring for an octopus

Feb 12, 2004
:? hello, i am a experienced pirhana owner, and i
am replacing them for an octopus soon. i need to know what they eat,how big of a tank they need, how much money this will cost, what equipment they need, and what coral they like.ive been reading as many sites as i can about this, but i cant fing that much that you dont have to pay for.so can anybody help me out?
Hi and :welcome: to TONMO.com Zookeeperzach!!

Octopuses eat mainly shrimp crabs and most crustaceans, they will feed on fish if there is an chance.

It depends on what species you are keeping. For dwarfs like O.joubini, a 20-30 gallon tank is recommended, For the larger species like Bimacs, 50 gallons will do fine. To find out what you'll need to have, go to the CEPH CARE link at the top of this page an look under Colin and Nancy's checklist.
hi :welcome:
there is a lot of good info on this site but no specific answers to your questions. There are many ways of doing things... best bet is to read a lot of the past posts and have a look at the articles in the cephcare section on the top left of menu... it all depends what you want and what your budget is.

but i cant fing that much that you dont have to pay for.so can anybody help me out?

do you mean for equipment?

PS avoid coral altogether :smile:

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