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RIP Octavius

Jun 3, 2007
After a few days of not seeing my octopus - I decided to pick up every rock and
didn't see him. So I frantically searched the ground.. turned a paper upside down, and found this:



He must've been there for at least a day... just goes to show you that the daily heart attack of not knowing where your octopus is is worth taking action for. I had just set up a critter keeper in the tank today too..

and yes, I had the tank all sealed up with duct tape =\
Nancy;98578 said:
If the tank was duct taped, how do you think he escaped?

I think that he took the 5 minute window of when I had the top off and I was doing maintenance on the tank. I went to the computer and shortly thereafter I heard a weird plop sound. I looked around the tank and didn't see anything. That had to have been when he escaped =\
Cardinal rule of keeping a tank, if you hear a sound find out what it was, I actually lost some button polyps recently not following a soundm no where near your loss.
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