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Octo Set-Up

Jan 13, 2004
K, already figured out no stingy nasties,lol.

Hope I'm not repeating others questions.

Can I have a heavilly planted aquarium with an octopus?
If it has plenty of space to move around as well.

What is the smallest tank to keep a small Octopus in safely, that he/she would be happy in? 30 gallons?

Is it hard to breed crabs to feed them?

I'm really big into do it yourself everything,lol.

I am a freshwater woman, never had salt. :smile: so I know next ta nil,lol.
This is all for future referance, I am not getting a salt set up for a long time yet. An Octopus will be even farther down the line than that. :biggrin2:


*lurks* :rainbow:
Octopuses will do better and will probably come out more in a more planted aquarium as it would feel very secure.

We all agree that 30 gallons should be the smallest tank for smaller octos to live comfortably.

Most crabs are planktonic when they hatch out and will be qite hard to raise.

Hopefully you'll be keeping an octopus sometime soon.:smile:
K- so I'll opt for a larger tank.
I want to keep a dwarf species when I eventually get an octopus. :biggrin2:
Sooooooo glad a lush tank is a good thing,lol.
Aquascaping is soooooo much fun!
Thanks for the replies. *hugs*

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