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New octopus


Aug 23, 2006

We decided to get another octopus, but the problem is, our skimmer is still dead. We tried to repair it and it doesn't work. I don't know what to do. I can't afford a new skimmer right now, with us moving and the baby coming. I'm currently breeding my own fiddler crabs to possibly feed the new octopus. They currently have a storm of babies :smile:!

If anyone is willing to sell their used skimmer I would be HAPPY to pay shipping+handling fees. I just ask that you provide a pictuer or a description and that you know that I have a 55 gallon tank.

I'm desperate guys. I really wanted cuttles, but we decided to go with the octopus instead. We miss our little guy.

I hope someone has a protein skimmer for you!

Please post the details of your fiddler crab breeding project! This would interest many of us.

I don't really know how it happened. Magic I guess. I got some fiddlers from Sach's. We had been moving our 30 gallon and so we had to move our fiddlers into a 20 gallon. We didn't put any special chemicals in the tank or any plant-life.

What happened next still shocks me and my husband.

Some of the crabs multiplied! We hadn't checked on them in a few weeks and we know that we only got 10 from Sach's. When we opened up the lid, we saw at least 25 crabs! I think it helps that you don't have anything else with them. We only had a damsel at the time, but we moved him into his own tank.

Because we are moving, some of the fiddlers did not survive, but we think some of the big breeding ones did. We think that their eggs might have been mixed in with the sand and blended in with the tan rocks. We think that's why the damsel fish didn't feast on them.

My husband was truly shocked when he opened the lid and saw several tiny fiddlers scurrying around :smile:

We would sell some, but we aren't sure on how to package them and we don't want them to die during shipping.
Also, I kept the light off most of the time so that the light wouldn't overheat and they were in an enclosed environment. They fed off of the algae in the tank. I don't know if the light had anything to do with it either.
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