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Mechanical Filtration set up

Jul 24, 2003
I'm currently setting this up, and would like some opinions if poss......

First of all I'll explain my set-up is planned to drop the water onto the media above the sump which will then drip/flow its way throu the media into the first section of the sump.

somebody recently posted askin how to dissipate their water across the floss or whatever so its not just concentrated in one area, thus buildin up nitrites quicker than you want. cant find the post thou.

other than using some kinda plastic tray thing that will spread the water, which i still think isnt a good idea, how have people tackled this :?:

an secondly isnt this gunna be noisy havin it drip down like that, especially since ive gone to the whole trouble of designin a Dursa Stand Pipe to fit in my reasonably small weir :?: :!: :?:

If so, any suggestions on how to submerge the mech filtration or some other way would be appreciated. an photo's would be super-cali-fragilistic-expiali-doshous :heee:

If I follow you right in your set-up...

There are several way to disperse the water over the filter media. Drill a pvc pipe with several large holes (on the top facing upwards) and place on the return at 90 degrees. This will be the point where water goes in the media. This helps concentrate, and spread the flow of water.

For another route, most lfs' do sell trays that are pre-drilled, or you can drill you own with evenly spaced punctures.

It will be noisy, but after all it is the sound of rushing water. :biggrin2:

an photo's would be super-cali-fragilistic-expiali-doshous

For give me but its - super-cali-fragilistic-expi ali-docious. But you were close :P

GL hopes this helps!
spot on cheers mate, i like that idea, i actually have a pre-drilled try from an old trickle i was thinkij of usin it was just were the water gushes out, maybe i'll post a pic at some point.....

p.s. aarrrgghh your mistaken my friend...i was speakin scouse ha ha :P

Touche Turtle!!!!! :heee:

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