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Setting up Bimac Tank- Filtration opinions?


Mar 4, 2020
Hello all,
I’m in the process of buying equipment and setting up a 60 gal tank w sump for a bimac. I’m planning on buying a good protein skimmer, media reactor with charcoal, and chiller - but I know current thoughts on reef tanks are to stay away from a wet/dry trickle or canister in favor of the micro sock and live rock in a refugium. Is anyone here using this type of reef setup? Any suggestions on a good filter setup? I’ve been reading up on the back threads and it seems like many here are ok with or even encourage older styles of filtration. Please weigh in! Thank you in advance!


Staff member
Jul 31, 2019
I agree with DWhatley. Mechanichal filtration (filter sock), chemical filtration (Carbon/CupriSorb or the like) and biological filtration should be robust enough to keep your water quality in a good place. Will you have other things in the tank that may require more robust filtration? Otherwise you will probably be able to get away with the setup you described, without a trickle filter.